The first App I ever made gets a nice boost (and a new backdrop). Blast away Dr. Kockpocalipse's armada of tiny robots in this take on Space Invaders. Block their bombs and keep them from blowing up Dr. Moorhead's super computer!

Tip: The amount of enemy debris you create directly coorolates to how quickly your sheilds are repaired. More debris means quicker fixes!
Before Jobin's own App launches, you can play as the plucky penguin in his own mini-game! Balance on his favorite ball and collect falling coins. It would be wise to avoid the spike balls and bombs. Collect upgrades to your ball and bounce after those coins!

Tip: Use the walls to your advantage! It's faster to bounce off a wall than try and turn around ... unless you have the Red Ball.
Hambert's big game gets a bit of a makeover. The levels are shorter for more exploration as you fly through eight levels of what can only be called 'Sky Carnage'. Don't worry, I kept two of the bosses from the original game!

Tip: It's all about hearts! Aim for the hearts to say alive. Hambert can take quite a beating.
The fun little game from The Viking Bunnies' first App is included! Simple, yet wildly popular, this fun game will only seem easy for the first few seconds. Then? Nightmare! Tap like crazy and catch those bugs!

Tip: Always try and catch more than one bug which each tap. A "double" will not only give you bonus points, but take away one of your "misses".
One of my most successful Apps had to be included. Brick Doubt is wildly fun, addicting, and it always feels great to smash a ton of bricks. Bounce the ball around and keep those blocks from reaching the bottom!

Tip: You can aim the ball! Tapping to the left of the ball will move it to the right, tapping in the center will send it straight up, and tapping to the left will send it to the right. Aim!
This classic, explosive app gets a bit of an upgrade: bigger areas to fire, new layout, and simpler control makes Bunny Balloons a sure-fire success. Blast away balloons with your colored cannon balls. Don't let them hit your ship (for some reason)!

Tip: Sometimes you just have to ignore the colors. Blast like crazy and hope you hit something. Spike Balls take 5 hits from any color cannon ball, so save your unneeded colors to take them out!
"Bad Scientist" is now "Gorpee Smash" as Gorpee uses his mighty fists to squash some of Dr. Kockpocalipse's rejected monsters in this fast, action packed puzzle game. You didn't think those existed do you? You're going to have to use far more stradegy if you want to get the top scores in this revamped game!
The bonus game from The Viking Bunnies third App is included as the first Unlockable Game. Toss ninja stars at targets as quick as you can. Hit the yellow targets for 2x the points!

Tip: Aim ahead! These targets move fast and you'll never hit them unless you lead them.
The Waffler's hit game Waffle Time is back as a bonus game! New levels, new action, and a new 'path choosing' method makes this new version of Waffle Time both just as great as the classic, but diferent enough to be unique!

Tip: Use up all your food inbetween levels, because you don't get any points for leftovers if you die.
Hobbo Stubb's Beer Juggling makes it even more fun to drink. A reskinning of Kitten Juggling that will make you feel better about yourself. Flip empty beer bottles in the air and try to keep up as many as you can!

Tip: If you tap a beer bottle as far up from the bottom of the screen as you can, it will move up slower and therefore move down slower.
Road Killer! An all-new Animal Fury game has Angus McGreggor in his new jeep blasting all of nature's treasures and running over bunnies. PETA and the World Wildlife Federation will not like this. Don't worry! They're evil bunnies you're running over, so its okay.

Tip: Angus is best with his guns, so go after Question Blocks to get items.
Six Pack Man! My most successful App to date joins SCP Arcade with a new design, new levels, and more explosions! Start bombing Grombies and find as much beer money as you can!

Tip: Go after the Grombie Zones first to keep Grombies from respawning. Otherwise you'll end up with rooms overflowing with monsters!

Lars' Vacuum Buster! Inspired by The Viking Bunnies' book Through The Great Haplandia Reef, Lars is battling the Ghost Pirate Pigs who have invaded The Bunny Ship!

Tip: Wait for objects to come close before starting to try and suck them up.
Pizza Nightmare! Johnny has been drinking again and is dreaming of giant pizzas! Catch the slices in pizza boxes, and then pick them up before they get cold! Watch out for flying pizza!

Tip: Use empty pizza boxes as shields to protect you from stray slices.
Retro Knight! Before Grudge got his huge RPG game, he got this nice, little arcade game. Fight as long and as far as you can along the Bridge of Snacksylvania! Grab all the food you can!

Tip: Get to know your charge techniques! Each charge has a different range, direction, and power!
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A Note about SCP Coins
Why do they matter?
SCP Coins matter. They do. It's a fact. Here's why. Early when I started Apps, I wanted them all to sync up using SCP Coins, and they do. They still do. You can use them throughout any SCP Game to unlock more features.

But when I wanted players playing against each other, I made SCP Arcade and kept the SCP Coins syncing. Now people can bet those same SCP Coins and earn even more!

But what's the point? Just to be on the top scores and such?

Well, yes and no.

SCP Coins can be used in (almost) any SCP Game! That's right! You can take the coins you earn here and use them in games like Jobin The Penguin, Bomber Tanks, Retro Knight, Six Pack Man 4.0, and future games I develop. You can unlock all sorts of bonus features in other games by plaing SCP Arcade! Think of this App as a sort of 'mini-game section' for all the other Apps! Neat, hu?

So keep playing. Keep saving. Keep winning.

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